"Every writer needs an editor. Great writers have great editors. Anita's vast knowledge, photographic memory, and language skills make her one of the best editors -- along with her wonderful encyclopedic musical knowledge and unique visual font expertise. I will always employ her brain for my work."
   -- Dwight Douglas, If God Could Talk
"Anita's skills as a wordsmith, producer, editor and director are top of the line. She knows how to engage readers and listeners and gets them to pay attention."
-- Jeanette Friedman, The Wordsmithy
"Knowing Anita's vast talent and skill with words, I asked her to edit my book. It was the best thing I ever did! I would highly recommend her."  
-- Claire Stevens, Triumph Radio Network
"When Cook Creative Copywriting was experiencing growing pains, we turned to Anita to help us meet demand. The projects she worked on were completed well within our quick turnaround deadlines, but much more importantly, her spots were creative, well-written and made sense -- a welcome rarity in this day and age. Anita is talented in so many areas, and creative copywriting is right at the top of the list."
-- Michael Cook, Cook Creative Copywriting
"Anita can write anything, from press releases to radio comedy. That's why I hired her to be my Director of Creative Services!"   
-- June Brody, President, SJS Entertainment